The Birthing of The Art of Being Self-ish

Selfish has always been deemed a negative word in my family. I was always told a person should not be selfish and should always being willing to share. However, as I grew older, I realized selfish isn’t always negative. Therapy taught me that there are times when a person needs to be selfish. Dealing with depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation I realized I was losing me by giving all I had to others. In rediscovering who I am, despite my diagnosis, I learned how to be selfish in order to heal. I decided that in order to love myself, heal myself, and accept myself I needed to put me first. It hasn’t been the easiest journey, but it has definitely been the most rewarding one. I learned (and still learning) new things about myself every single day; due to this I wanted to give others the opportunity to experience this same feeling.

This journey not only birthed an improved version of myself, but it also allowed me to give life to my new book, The Art of Being Self-ish; Discovering, Understanding, and Accepting Yourself. Before I started on this journey of being self-ish, I was lost and constantly pouring from an empty cup. I was in very unhealthy relationships. I had little to no boundaries. I didn’t know my worth and was struggling with accepting and loving myself. I worked overtime for others to accept and validate who I was without any regard to what I thought about myself. I became what everyone else wanted and lost who I needed the most, me. When I began writing this book, I used the techniques that I learned on my journey. Matter of fact, I still use the very techniques detailed in this book. Why? Because the road to self-acceptance is never ending. My goal with writing this book was to help those that are in the same position that I was. To help those that continuously battle with loving and accepting who they are. My mission with this book is not to “cure” you but rather it is to help you better grasp who you are. I want to help my readers discover, understand, and accept their uniqueness, wholeheartedly, and learn that it is okay to stand in your truth. “Remember, it is impossible to teach someone how to love you without first knowing how to love yourself. The art of being self-ish requires self-discovery and acceptance. Only then will you master your own understanding of you!” Tor White

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